Eagle Pawn and Jewelry provides short-term collateral loans on almost any merchandise of value. Whether you need to borrow $10 or $10,000, Eagle Pawn is the right place to go.

The pawn process works as follows: you bring your item(s) that you’d like to use as collateral into the store and one of Eagle Pawn’s associates takes a look at the item(s) to determine if they have enough value for the amount you wish to borrow. Once a loan amount has been agreed upon then a contract is printed showing the amount borrowed, the finance charges, and the pay-off amount for the loan if redeemed by the maturity date. The item is then kept in storage at the store until the loan is paid in full. The customer has the choice, by the maturity date, to pay the loan back in full or simply pay the finance charge in order to extend the loan an additional 30 days. All pawn loans are a 30 day loan with a 20% finance/storage security charge (15% on loans of $500 or more).

There is then an additional 60 day grace period allowed if no payment is made on the loan. This means that a loan must go 60 days past the maturity date before it is forfeited and sold to repay the loan. If a loan goes past the maturity date, then an additional finance charge is added to the loan for each 30 day period. The finance charges are not compounding, meaning interest is not charged based on the total amount owed, only the original amount borrowed. If a loan is forfeited then the customer no longer owes any amount of money to Eagle Pawn, the loan is not reported to any credit agency, and the forfeited loan is in no way held against the customer during any future transactions.